I need to...
  • ...show a video in a post, but only to logged in users.
  • ...display specific text, but make it visible to only certain users.
  • ...display a user's name in a sidebar.
  • ...display a dynamic list of posts.
  • ...add a login form to my sidebar.
See how Render solves this.

What does Render do?

Render is a WordPress plugin designed to help you add complex, unique, dynamic, powerful elements to your content without using or seeing any code whatsoever.

See what it can do!

Render content within the visual editor.

Sick and tired of creating content in your editor, having to preview the post and then finding it looks nothing like what you wanted? Render takes care of that for you. Now you can get an in-editor live preview of all supported elements such as buttons, columns, post meta, custom queries and much, much more!

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Easy to use Render window.

Render brings you a beautiful, easy to use window for choosing exactly what you want to place in your content. The window is organized, categorized, and searchable, providing you with the easiest possible way of adding various elements into your content. But this window isn’t just limited to the features Render creates. ALL registered shortcodes are included in this interface, which makes it super easy to find and insert whatever you may need, regardless of its source.

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Place beautiful content within sidebars.

Render comes packaged with a special widget for adding elements right into your site’s sidebars. Now it’s possible to easily place special content right into any widgetized area with just a few clicks.

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Here's a few more reasons to Render

Render plays nice with everybody.

We are constantly working to make the powerful features that Render provides available to other popular WordPress plugins and themes. Take a look and see if we've made an integration yet with your favorite plugin or theme. If not, let us know so we can make it!

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